WPT Announces Sustainable Water Pump

UK-based Water Powered Technologies (WPT) has recently launched its sustainable pumping solution, the Papa Pump, in North America.
Papa Pumps require no electricity, diesel or any other fuel and work with the power of flowing water. The technology is now available in the US and Canada, where farms, off-grid properties and businesses are keen to achieve water independence.
Instead of putting a strain on ground water supplies such as wells and boreholes, the Papa Pump uses available streams, rivers and springs and any unused water is returned to the watercourse so there is no impact on the water table.
The pump is based on the original hydraulic ram principles which creates intermittent water flow to produce increased pressure. However, instead of using cast iron, the Papa Pump uses a 50% glass, 50% plastic composite and EPDM valves which make it significantly lighter, smaller and more durable than the traditional ram pump.
It can pump the water over long distances and to great heights, 24 hours a day where this can then be stored until it is needed.

Image Credit: WPT 

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