Wireless process control (7/4)

At the Hannover Fair in Germany, Parker Hannefin will feature its Bluetooth technology, a new standard for short-range wireless communications and networking that combines robustness, small size, low power consumption and low cost. The company expects to introduce the first Bluetooth products later in 2003. Wireless IA products will enable manufacturers and processors to eliminate miles of cables and millions of connectors while reducing wear, corrosion and contamination problems, and enhancing monitoring, control and
configuration capabilities. The new products include a hydraulic system wireless diagnostics, a new industrial automation system, and wireless interfacing to process valves and controls.
Parker’s wireless hydraulic fluid diagnostics system incorporates sensors that count minute particles and measure moisture, temperature, and fluid pressure. The sensor signals are converted and transported via Bluetooth devices to a Bluetooth-equipped pocket PC with a Parker GUI. The Industrial Automation System demo integrates a number of pneumatic,
electromechanical, and hydraulic devices, including Parker’s new Bluetooth Wireless Moduflex valve island, which provides output control signals to the valves.

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