Wilo UK printing project

Palm Papers, a German company with seven paper mills across Europe has recently built a new plant in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. It is one of the largest newsprint paper mills producing 400,000 tonnes of newsprint a year with a working width of 10.63 metres, producing around 2,000 metres of paper per minute. Palm Group employs more than 2,900 people and annually produces around 1.9 million tons of newsprint and corrugated packaging from 100% recycled paper. Its annual turnover is in excess of 800 million Euros. The total pump infrastructure in the building has been supplied by Wilo. Heating, cooling, water supply, and sanitation are all supplied by Wilo in a project valued to them at around €400,000. Wastewater from the plant is dealt with by five Wilo-EMU FA08 submersible pumps and two Wilo-EMU FA10 pumps. These are specially designed to pump waste water containing solids and for sewage plants and pumping stations for water management and industrial applications. Due to the complex nature of the plant, it incorporates four concrete sewage wells which were made in Germany and transported to the UK.

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