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Online, Digital & Social Media  Advertising Concept

Advertising via the Pump Engineer On Line, Digital and Social Media platforms creates an excellent opportunity for focused communication with the Global Pump Engineer Community accessed anytime, anywhere, 24/7!

With the Pump Engineer On-Line, Digital and Social Media ‘one-of-a-kind platforms’  we service our Pump Engineer Community members  [ manufacturers, distributors, engineering companies and end users] active in the process industries (such as engineering & contracting, chemicals, power generation, offshore, oil & gas, food & beverage, water & wastewater, marine, etc.) to ensure our global community of experts stay connected,  gain optimal exposure and highlight their company’s products, services and specialities in order to develop the future of the CRA industry.

What makes Online, Digital & Social Media Advertising with Pump Engineer interesting?

  • Members are specialists, not general visitors
  • improves your brand recognition
  • generates quality, targeted sales leads
  • offers direct access to your corporate website and social media platforms
  • facilitates buyer education
  • strengthens your corporate position on the web and in your social media communities
  • provides controlled placement and tracking
  • benefits from global traffic
  • ensures you stay connected to suppliers and clients

The synergetic effects of On-Line, Digital and Social Media advertising with the other Pump Engineer channels make it an even more powerful medium!

Through the reliable brand and premium content, Pump Engineer has successfully managed to transfer  traditional members from the magazine, exhibitions and conferences to our on-line, digital and social media platforms .This created a strong global CRA-community that currently on-line has over 60,000 unique visitors per month, a selection of Digital Newsletters with an accumulated subscriber base of more than 30,000 and more than 25,000 members of our various Pump Engineer LinkedIn groups .


With our in-house knowledge of Online, Digital and Social Media , we can offer you tailor made services.

For more information on the options of participating in Pump Engineer Online, Digital and Social Media or more specific information, please contact us