Watson-Marlow Expands Chemical Metering Pump Series

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) has expanded their product offerings to include its Qdos chemical metering pump series with four configurable outputs to assist users in eliminating the need for additional PLCs. This will also allow for improved flexibility when communicating with SCADA or other external monitoring systems.  
All Qdos Universal + Relay pumps produced by the company will feature four changeover relay outputs, with either 110VAC 4A or 24VDC 4A contract rating. This is in addition to the current 4-20mA, meaning the Qdos chemical metering pump series will include a total of five outputs.  
This design also features a revamped version of a newly designed relay PCB for the Universal + Relay (R) Model. The software for this pump has also been modified to allow for quick set-up of the four outputs and simple, intuitive configuration.  
This product update comes as part of the WMFTG continuous improvement programme for the Qdos pump range. In order to reduce the process downtime and lessen the total cost of ownership, the Qdos peristaltic chemical metering pumps deliver flow rates that remain constant up to 7 bar and long maintenance intervals.  
Image credit: WMFTG
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