Water desalination plant project

Durrat Al BahrainDurrat Al Bahrain has announced the award of a 25yr concession agreement to design, build and operate the seawater desalination plant serving the irrigation for the entire development to energy central. The desalination project will operate by reverse osmosis, the preferred system for developments of this size due to its flexibility. The desalination plant will become operational in stages, starting with an initial capacity of 4000 cum per day and scaling up to 20,000 cum per day by 2009 and reaching its full capacity in excess of 30,000 cum per day thereafter. The installation and capacity of the desalination treatment facility will be staged to suit the various phases of the resort’s development, ensuring a steady supply of irrigated water as villa owners take up residence and Durrat’s extensive facilities become fully operational. The extensive landscaped areas of the USD 6 billion Durrat Al Bahrain, including its fifteen islands, the commercial centre of Durrat Al Bahrain and its Ernie Els designed championship golf course, will be irrigated by water from the desalination plant located on the mainland at a distance from the resort. The development will benefit from a constant water supply ensuring all gardens, communal parklands and sporting facilities can flourish.
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