Water and wastewater market forecast

The market for water and wastewater treatment and flow control under a broad definition will grow to USD 484 billion worldwide in 2010. This is the current forecast appearing in Water, Wastewater and Filtration: World Markets published by the McIlvaine Co. Companies such as SPX have pursued water treatment as a supplement to water cooling. Irrigation and flood control are additional water-related markets which are not included in the above definition. In 2010, when world GDP is USD 74 trillion, the water market will be USD 740 billion. The market for water and wastewater equipment and services including chemicals, filtration, biological treatment, and flow control will reach USD 348 billion in 2010. However, USD 165 billion will be unavailable to outside suppliers and represents services and operations not outsourced by end users. On the other hand, the companies which supply these markets such as GE and ITT sell these products to the process markets and will generate USD 136 billion in revenue in 2010 in additional process sales. Therefore the total water market available to outside suppliers will be USD 319 billion in 2010.

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