Wastewater pumps for UAE

Hidrostal’s non-clog screw centrifugal impeller pumps have been used in conjunction with Iseki’s vacuum sewage collection system to provide a wastewater pumping package to the University City in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Some 20 weeks before the opening of the university, Iseki Vacuum Systems, specialists in providing efficient sewage collection systems in locations impossible or impracticable for gravity systems to operate, were asked to provide a solution. The Iseki Engineers designed the scheme on site ahead of construction. Local companies in Sharjah were used to manufacture and supply the HDPE pipes. The vacuum vessels were also fabricated locally; the rest of the equipment including the Hidrostal dry well submersible pumps were purchased and brought from Europe. The Hidrostal pumps were selected because the screw centrifugal impeller has a low NPSH (net positive suction head) and good solids handling capability. Hidrostal has supplied a total of eight 150 mm (6”) pumps, each rated at 50 l/sec (full duty), in three separate phases.

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