Valve manufacturer saves project

PBV®-USA recently received a demanding and unique order from a contractor in Colombia. It was an extremely fast track project in which PBV®-USA had to deliver a total of 39 trunnion ball valves in eight weeks, or the project would fall behind schedule.  The order for the Poliducto Pozos Colorados-Galan Project  specified 30 valves to be 14in 900# RF full port trunnion ball valves with stainless steel balls, seats and trim. The remaining 9 valves consisted of a few regular port trunnion ball valves of the same size and pressure, and some 6 in and 8 in trunnion ball valves of the same pressure. Fourteen inch 900# trunnions are an unusual size and pressure that few manufacturers, if any,  stock routinely, so from the date of the order, all forgings had to be procured, machined, tested, and in some cases, receive special coatings within the eight week period. The efficient and dedicated team at PBV®-USA was able to complete the order in seven weeks.
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