Valtorc’s NPT/Flanged Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves have been designed for use in any application where a non-viscous process media, like very clean liquids, gases and light oils must be controlled. Because Solenoid valves are automated, they serve the purpose of eliminating the need engineers to operate the valve manually. Solenoids function by utilizing an electromagnetic solenoid coil to open and close the valve and vice-versa. Solenoid valves are traditionally built with threaded or flanged connection ends. The unique design of the new Valtorc’s NPT/FLANGED solenoid valve – series 800NPT-FLG, has both threaded and flanged connection ends, providing the best of both worlds.
NPT is short for ‘National Pipe Thread Taper’ and a U.S. standard for piping and valve threads. In contrast to the threading on a standard bolt that is straight, tapered threads pull the valve tighter to pipes during installation, creating an extremely fluid-tight seal.
A valve that has flanged connections is extremely handy. Some evidences suggest that flanged connections are superior to NPT when it comes to seal quality, however, this is a factor that depends on media and applications. Flanges function by bolting together to produce a seal in between the valve ports and pipe ends.
These innovative valves are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel as well as brass/bronze body styles. The Series 800NPT-FLG solenoid valves with threaded and flanged connection ends typically opens or closes by utilizing an encapsulated coil, DIN43650 connection, NEMA4 and UP65 protection. The shading coil is copper inside of a brass body and silver, stainless steel body.
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