Ultra-pure water pump

Yokota Manufacturing Co has developed a novel clean pump technology it claims provides particle-free cleanness with a novel noncontact shaft seal mechanism. This extremely clean, noncontaminative pump can maintain high purity liquid quality in production of ultra-pure water, pharmaceuticals etc. The pump uses a noncontact shaft seal mechanism patented in USA, UK, Japan and other countries. With this mechanism, the rotating unit and the stationary unit of the shaft seal device do not contact each other whether the pump is stopped or in operation. Moreover, they maintain an appropriate sliding surface gap, create a predetermined amount of leakage, and do not allow contaminants and impurities into the pump. The sliding surface gap can be adjusted easily from the outside with the adjusting unit whether the pump is operating or not, and the proper amount of leakage can be ensured.
There are three basic models with bores from 15 to 250mm, total head from 10 to 90m and capacity from 0.001 to 8t/min. The UENC features stainless-steel cast construction with highly reputable degreasing and grease-proof treatment. The UEC also has stainless-steel construction, all lathed and electrolysis polished. Thirdly, the UTC features stainless-steel construction, all lathed and electrolysis-polished (high head turbine pump type).
The pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications including ultra-pure water production, liquid supply in clean rooms, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical production, and high purity chemical liquids processing.

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