UK: north coast project

The Northern Ireland Department for Regional Development has awarded a GBP 37 million contract to design and build its new North Coast wastewater treatment works to the Biwater Graham Joint Venture. Located at Craigtown More between Portrush and Portstewart, the new works will treat sewage from the two seaside resorts, and from Castlerock, Articlave and Coleraine. It is part of the planned GBP 735 million upgrade of the province’s water and sewerage infrastructure through to 2008. Existing works at Articlave and Coleraine will be decommissioned, and flows will be transferred to Craigtown More through a 15m network of new mains and nine pumping stations. Final effluent will be discharged through a 1,200m sea outfall off Rinagree Point. Treatment will include screening, grit removal, primary settlement, activated sludge secondary treatment and final settlement. As well as accommodating future residential, commercial, tourism and industrial growth for the next 25 years. A further challenge is posed by the complex environmental impact plan, which is designed to safeguard the area’s terrestrial and marine flora and fauna during and after the work. Completion is anticipated in the spring of 2007.

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