Thordon Bearings Prove Its Worth In Abu Dhabi Offshore Platform Pumps

Thordon Bearings’ water-lubricated elastomeric polymer bearings have been installed to well pumps aboard an undisclosed offshore oil platform operated by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). Five KSB three-stage mixed flow impeller-type pumps were each retrofitted with Thordon pump bearings – 13 SXL intermediate bearings, four Composite bearings and a single SXL throttle bearing – replacing the original silicon carbide bushes.

Dubai-based engineering firm Ocean Power International (OPI), Thordon’s authorized distributor in the Middle East region, received the full scope of supply direct from Thordon’s plant in Burlington, Canada, just four weeks after placing the order.  “The problem with silicon carbide bearings is that they have a long lead time, and are brittle which means there is a risk of the bearings chipping and breaking. They are simply not as robust and are very expensive to replace,” said Rafid Qureshi, Managing Director, OPI.

“By comparison, Thordon SXL and Composite bearings resolve the price and lead time issues, are very durable, and they are also more considerate to the environment as they don’t require lubricating oil or grease.” After OPI gathered all the parameters and reviewed the pump drawings, the Thordon bearings were delivered well within the requisite time frame, allowing KSB, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), to carry out the retrofit installation work and commission the pumps in quick time, avoiding any rig downtime.

Courtesy of Thordon Bearings.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Valve World Americas, Stainless steel World Americas and other related print & online media.