ThermOmegaTech’s Thermal Bypass Valves

Humanity’s ambitions to reach the farthest stars in the sky and the deepest parts of the oceans have naturally resulted in a gradual increase in the technological complexity of the vehicles designed to carry them there. 

These innovative machines for modern times inevitably result in ever-increasing demands on thermal management system capabilities. From the need for almost instantaneous warm-up times to thermal relief to protect delicate components from overheating, thermal management is evolving to keep up with growing system complexity.
To meet the market’s demand for efficient and accurate temperature control, ThermOmegaTech® developed the thermal bypass valve (TBV), which can and has been implemented in a variety of groundbreaking Aerospace & Defense applications where precise thermal management is critical to project success.
Benefits include:
 – Self-Operating: No need for external power source
 – Dynamic: Used in both mixing and diverting applications
 – Compact and Low Mass: Fits into most designs
 – Thermostatic Element: Responds to temperature changes and is unaffected by pressure variations 
 – Self-Contained: No or minimal maintenance requirements
 – Few Moving Parts: Eliminates component complications or failure
 – Large Temperature Range: Standard valves available in temperatures from 35°F to 210°F (1.7°C to 98.9°C)
Courtesy of ThermOmegaTech.
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