TATA wins pipe contract from Subsea 7

TATA Steel has received contracts valued at approximately USD 32 million from Subsea 7 to provide 43km of pipe for three North Sea pipeline installation projects. These include BP’s Andrew Area and Apache’s Bacchus developments. TATA’s Hartlepool plant will produce 17,000tns of steel for Subsea 7’s pipeline bundle fabrication site in Wick, Scotland. The 84 inches pipe mill at Hartlepool will construct the large OD double submerged-arc welded carrier pipe for the bundles. TATA Steel will also produce small OD diameter sleeve pipe at its high frequency induction 20 inches mill. The company will supply 27m lengths of pipe, created from three 9m lengths girth welded together, with a glass flake epoxy coating. Rail and road from Hartlepool to Subsea 7’s pipeline bundle fabrication site at Wick will be used to transport the products.


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