Stuart Turner Acquires AGM (Aquatronic Group)

Stuart Turner, a manufacturer of pumps and water-boosting products for residential and commercial uses and a portfolio company of Epiris Fund II, has acquired Aquatronic Group Management (or “AGM”), a leading provider of cold-water boosting installation and maintenance services in the UK. Financial terms are not being disclosed.

Founded in 1906 and headquartered in Henley-on-Thames, Stuart Turner supplies water-boosting products that manage water pressure in residential and commercial applications. These range from domestic shower pumps, where the company’s Monsoon product is the UK market leader, to bespoke systems that combine cold-water boosting, pressurisation units and circulators to manage the supply of hot and cold water in commercial buildings and for industrial purposes. Epiris invested in Stuart Turner in January this year.

Based in Colchester, AGM designs and manufactures pressurisation and water booster units and installs and maintains fresh and waste-water pump systems. The company offers a nationwide service from its centres in Manchester, Colchester and Southampton.

Courtesy of Stuart Turner.

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