Standardised chemical pump

Friatec Rheinhütte (Wiesbaden, Germany) has introduced a standardised high-volume chemical pump. It is aimed for pumping virtually all organic and inorganic acids and alkalis. Its diffusion-tight plastic lining aims to make it is immune to aggressive and corrosive media up to temperatures of 150–170°C. Up to now plastic coated standardised chemical pumps have been able to pump up to 150 m3/h. The new RNP centrifugal pump range from Friatec Rheinhütte can now manage up to 1600 m3/h. The maximum delivery head is 70m and the permissible working pressure 16 bar. The ETFE sheathing has proven its worth over many years in standardised chemical pumps with lower delivery rates. The chemical resistance of the fluoropolymer ETFE (ethylene tetra fluoro-ethylene) is comparable with that of PFA (perfluoroalkoxi).

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