SimScale Teaches Engineers How to Use CFD Simulation

SimScale has announced a free webinar on the September 10th to teach engineers how to virtually test and optimize the design of industrial pumps without leaving a web browser.

Engineering simulation allows a user to virtually test their CAD model early in the design stage and iterate on different versions until finding the best possible configuration. Engineers can run these simulations in the cloud, by only using a web browser. With the emergence of cloud computing, users can analyze their designs online, from anywhere in the world, without investing in a powerful computer. 

In a free webinar on September 10, the presenter will run a simulation of a centrifugal pump geometry in order to assess its performance. Participants will have access to the public project in advance, so they can copy it and follow along with the webinar. 

SimScale has the same web-based environment for all the simulation features—computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), and thermal simulation—enabling engineering professionals to validate experimental results, run parametric studies, and optimize designs.

Image credit: SimScale
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