SENER part of Dunkerque regas plant project

SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas has signed an LNG contract with Dunkerque LNG for the development of a regasification plant in Dunkerque, France. SENER has received this EPC contract as part of the TS LNG consortium made up of SENER and Techint. The Dunkerque Liquified-Natural-Gas regasification plant will produce 13 BCMA (Billion Cubic Meters per Annum) of natural gas, equaling a supply of 1.9 million m3(n)/h (cubic meters per hour). It will be equipped with three 190,000 m3 storage tanks, a jetty, unloading arms and pipes, storage tanks, systems for regasification and gas emission, a BOG (boil-off gas) recovery system, a flare stack, a seawater pump system for vaporization, auxiliary systems, and a series of buildings specifically designed for the operations. SENER, in close cooperation with Techint, will develop all of the basic and detailed engineering. They will procure equipment and build civil-works constructions, buildings, jetty, unloading pipes and the regasification processing plant of the station. Construction will take place over a period of four years, with the plant scheduled for operation in 2015.

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