Seepex Wins Condition-Based Monitoring Framework with Anglian Water

The Seepex technology will enable Anglian Water to move towards a more proactive approach to maintenance and monitoring the condition of its rotating and pumping assets. This condition-based approach will optimize asset performance, minimize costly repairs, and maximize the lifespan of critical infrastructure.

The Seepex digital ecosystem – integrating digital monitoring and cloud-based services – will provide information to Anglian Water on its equipment’s condition, with reports showing the actual status quo of the equipment and process, enabling predictive and forward-planned maintenance.

The two companies have enjoyed a long-standing collaboration since the 1980s. Seepex is one of Anglian Water’s nominated framework suppliers for progressive cavity (PC) pump technology. There are 700 Seepex pumps installed across Anglian Water’s sites in environmental applications including thermal hydrolysis, sludge cake pumping and back mixing, pumping stations and chemical/flocculent dosing.

Courtesy of Seepex.

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