SEEPEX 4.0 Technology at Anglian Water’s Pump Station

Anglian Water has revolutionized its Brockley pump station operations by integrating SEEPEX Pump Monitoring and Connected Services. This cutting-edge technology enables remote monitoring, providing Anglian Water with numerous benefits. It helps with compliance and consent flows, avoids pipework rupture caused by excessive pressure, and will support Anglian Water to efficiently implement planned maintenance work.

The Brockley sewage pump station was using SEEPEX macerators alongside obsolete pumps from a different supplier resulting in frequent engineer attendance to address performance, which placed a significant burden on resources.

The need to spend a considerable amount of maintenance time on the older pumps prompted Anglian Water to explore the latest maintain-in-place technologies. As they sought a solution to replace both the macerators and pumps, Anglian Water turned to SEEPEX, their trusted framework partner.

Courtesy of SEEPEX.

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