SEEPEX 4.0 Showcased the World’s First Adjustable Pump

Under the slogan “Intelligent pumps optimizing your business”, SEEPEX has launched a world first at IFAT 2022 in Munich, where it presented the next generation of pumps. The industry leader from North Rhine-Westphalia presented the world’s first progressive cavity pump with automatically adjustable stator clamping at the leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. With the “SCT AutoAdjust”, SEEPEX has perfected its internationally patented and multi-award-winning Smart Conveying Technology (SCT).
The specialist for progressive cavity pumps, pump systems and Digital Solutions once again demonstrates its market leadership in the field of intelligent and innovative solutions. The same applies to the other trade fair presentations featuring its “Digital Solutions” and “Smart Air Injection”.
The current premium model range SCT AutoAdjust offers revolutionary innovations in the area of progressive cavity pumps. Wrenches etc. are now a thing of the past when it comes to maintenance. One click from a remote location and the stator is back in top shape. The range, which was developed on the basis of customer requirements, makes maintenance work much easier and therefore helps to save time and costs. Retensioning ensures constant pumping capacity and high productivity. SEEPEX promises “maximum reliability with absolute operational reliability” and “the shortest, fastest and easiest maintenance work ever. Productivity is increased and maintenance times are reduced to a minimum – so it couldn’t be any better.” Compared to pumps without SCT, life-cycle costs are also significantly reduced. SCT AutoAdjust is available in a 1-stage and 2-stage version for pressures up to 8 bar.
The latest development, the SCT AutoAdjust, now automatically and hydraulically retensions the stator at the push of a button, without the need for any special tools. The new SCT AutoAdjust generation allows the stator to be retensioned either conveniently from the control room via analogue signal lines or digitally via various fieldbus systems. Quick access on site at the pump can be achieved via a control panel or via Bluetooth using an app for Android and Apple tablets that are already connected to the SEEPEX Pump Monitor.
With “Smart Air Injection” (SAI), SEEPEX offers its customized system solution that combines the advantages of two pump technologies to transport highly dewatered sludge over long distances in a particularly energy-efficient manner. Sewage sludge compressed into plugs can be conveyed up to 1000 meters to its destination using pulses of compressed air in the pipes. Smart Air Injection (SAI) transports sewage sludge with a dry matter content of 20-40% over long distances. This system solution comes in the form of a package unit, which contains the pump, the dedicated control logic, as well as the polymer and, if desired, the compressed air components. This pump can also be connected to the Connected Services of SEEPEX as an expansion.
Courtesy of SEEPEX.
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