Screw pumps supplied to Northern Ireland Water project

A project by Northern Ireland Water will see two new Landy Archimedes screw pumps supplied by the manufacturer, Landustrie, which were found through ECS Engineering Services. The pumps are part of an initiative by Northern Ireland Water to improve the operation of the water and sewerage networks in the Bangor area. Over £3 million will be invested into the effort. Part of the reason for the upgrades is to meet the Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s standards for water quality, while also reducing flood risks. The pumps, which were found through Williams Industrial Services, will be installed at Luke’s Point pumping station. The current pumps at this station have limited pumping capacity, with a rating of only 600l/s. Jamie Wesley, Commercial Manager for the Water Control Division at ECS comments, “The new screw pumps have been designed by Landustrie, specifically for this project and they will deliver significant savings in both energy and maintenance costs for the client together with increased flood protection for the Bangor area. Our engineers will be providing the technical expertise to ensure the screw pumps are properly installed and commissioned to give years of trouble-free service”. The pumps were modified to a three-bladed design. The current drive systems were equiped with WEG 45KW motors.

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