Samotics’ New Update to Asset Health Monitoring System

Samotics, a Netherlands-based provider of AI-driven predictive analytics, recently expanded its SAM4 asset health monitoring system to support medium and high-voltage equipment. The SAM4 monitors assets including pumps, electrical motors, fans, and rollers. Its remote sensor installation means it can also operate in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations. By extending SAM4’s capabilities beyond low-voltage equipment, Samotics now provides a comprehensive solution that organizations can implement across a full portfolio of rotating AC assets. 

The system now covers the full spectrum of low, medium and high-voltage AC machines to detect developing failures up to five months in advance. 
Henk Assink, project manager for Industry 4.0 at Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals leader and Samotics customer, said: “After SAM4’s success in monitoring our low-voltage assets, we were eager to test it out on our medium-voltage machines. These are often custom assets whose failure is extremely expensive in terms of replacement and downtime. SAM4’s results on these machines are very promising.” 

Image credit: Samotics
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