Roundtable video on water district project

A new pump industry video, released by Blacoh University, brings together the end user, engineer, distributor and contractor to discuss key aspects of a project to procure new equipment for a water reservoir and treatment facility. The roundtable format of this latest video is a first for Blacoh University, the online e-learning application from Blacoh Fluid Control. “Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” according to Blacoh President, Andrew Yeghnazar. Blacoh University’s new full-length feature video, Water District Project Insights: A Roundtable Discussion, is just that. Shooting on location at the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District in Southern California, Blacoh University delves into the equipment procurement process, answering questions about how product requirements are specified and by whom. Is it the end user or the engineer that determines equipment specs? What are the responsibilities of the distributor representing the product and when do they get involved? What are the expectations of the end user? The various roles of the engineer, distributor and contractor, and how they interact both with each other and with the end user are key to the discussion. Andrew Yeghnazar, President of Blacoh Fluid Control, talked about how the roundtable format came to be. “We challenged ourselves to capture integral parts of a complex process that relies heavily on technical knowledge and expertise, strong business relationships, and hands-on support in order to succeed,” said Yeghnazar. “From the beginning of Blacoh University, we knew it wasn’t just about making more information available. It has to be packaged and disseminated in a way that makes it both relevant and useful.”
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