Resistant miniature pumps

Micropump® has announced a special material offering for their GJ Series gear pumps. This new component architecture enables you to pump a wide range of abrasive and chemically aggressive fluids. The GJ Series is now available with ceramics, nickel carbide, hardened stainless steel and other wear-resistant materials. These special materials extend the service life of pumps used to deliver fluids containing solids or abrasives, such as titanium dioxide, with a maximum particle size of 5 microns at concentrations of 30%. Available in custom OEM configurations, GJ Series pumps deliver smooth, pulseless flow rates to 3.2 L/min (0.85 gpm) and pressures to 5.6 Bar (80 psi). All pumps are leak-free magnetically driven or available with Micropump’s exclusive Integral Series® electromagnetic drive.

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