Reintroducing the Freedom NEMA Series

Power management company Eaton announced that it has reintroduced its Freedom NEMA series contactors and starters. The Freedom NEMA products were originally introduced into the market in 1986, the Freedom series of contactors and starters have been a trusted name in the market since. They have a product offering ranging from NEMA sizes of 00-8, for 3-5 pole contactors, to NEMA sizes of 00-5 for starters. 
This series’ vast product offering, coupled with the robust design, makes the Freedom NEMA series an ideal solution for a multitude of applications and needs. Flexible enough to be used anywhere from industrial OEM applications, to material handling or pumping. 
To further expand the offering, the Freedom contactors can be direct mounted to the C440 solid state electronic overload relay (AN19 starters) and the C306 thermal bi-metallic overload relay (AN16 starters), to offer varying protection schemes. The C440 is a self-powered electronic overload relay available up to 175A as a self-contained unit. With external CTs, the C440 overload relay can protect motor up to 1500 FLA, and selectable trip classes (10A, 10, 20, 30). Due to the C440’s capabilities, the AN19 starters have a variety of network communication options; Modbus, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP. The C306 overload relays offer protection up to 144A, with selectable trip class (10, 20). Typically, the AN16 starters are recommended only for MRO application. 
To further strength this product offering, recent improvements include as enhanced SCCR ratings, to include additional high-fault and time-delay fuse ratings, an inclusion of a QR code on the product, leading to the product site to assist customers looking for more information, and updates to the product literature and aids.
Courtesy of Eaton.
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