RAYS Introduces New Ball Valve

Rising Stem Ball Valve (RSBV) is a new type of ball valve, which is mainly used to cut off, distribute, and change the flow direction of a medium in the pipeline. RAYS Rising Stem Ball Valve with all-metal structure and fire proof design can be applied to the temperature range from -196 to 600. Also, the RSBV’s ball & seat movement has: no friction, a small opening & closing torque, and better sealing performance. It can be adapted to a general working medium such as water, solvent, acids, and natural gas.

Rising Stem Ball Valve utilizes the cooperation of the inclined surface of the bottom surface of the valve stem and the spiral groove to realize the tilting and rotation of the ball. When the valve is opened, the ball is tilted away from the valve seat. Then the fluid in the pipeline passes through the valve along the spherical surface evenly, which reduces the local erosion of the valve seat by the high-speed fluid. Finally, the ball rotates to full open position. When the valve is closed, the ball relies on the mechanical wedge of the stem bevel to be used on the seat to produce the required sealing pressure to ensure reliable sealing performance.

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