PWP pump orders

AxFlow (Aberdeen) has been expanding its reputation and business in the North Sea oil and gas industry, by winning orders for pump units to be used on a Produced Water Package (PWP). The PWP comprises the Opus Compact Flotation technology with Mare’s Tail skid, motive water skid and reject collection skid and its primary role is to treat produced water prior to its disposal overboard. The AxFlow Aberdeen role has been to supply the motive water and reject return pumps and design/build a deoiler chemical injection package. The contract for the motive water and reject return pumps was placed by Opus Maxim and covered the supply and factory acceptance testing of four API Waukesha positive displacement rotary pumps for the produced water handling package. The Compact Flotation Units provide effective removal of small oil droplets and other compounds from produced water, which proves to be difficult when using traditional gravity-based methods. The units selected were two 320U2 Reject Return Pumps capable of delivering 46.4m/hr and two 420U1 Motive Water Pumps capable of delivering 66.2m/hr. According to Derek Wallace, each of the Zone 1 ATEX certified pumps was fitted with an API 682 double mechanical shaft seal system, 37kW electric motors, drive and flexible coupling all mounted on a carbon steel base plate. VSD for the pumps was provided using four ABB ACS 800 Frequency Inverters.
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