Pumps find use in flooded mines

The merger of two former pump industry rivals, Howden Pumps and Orbit Pumps, has created a new company with a line-up of pumping technologies and skills suited to mine maintenance. An important spin-off from the merger is the bringing together of the Orbit team’s experience in line-shaft mine-dewatering techniques, with that of Howden Pumps. Together they will continue advancements in the use of submersible turbines for the removal of water from flooded mines. Mining houses will now have access to a selection of technologies from the new entity, represented by the Orbit, Mono, Indura, Super D and Monax brands. Their latest development is an eight-stage pump capable of pumping to a head of 600 m and a seven-stage model that delivers water to a head of 500 m. It is undergoing final testing and should be avail-able later this year.

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