In particular, fast growth in the Asian region has recently created a lucrative sales market for European companies.

By Peter Schmidt, Marketing Specialist, Deutsche Medien Verlag GmbH

Why is European pump technology 

popular in Asia?

Products from Europe have gained a notable reputation on the Asian continent and have come to represent quality and efficiency. The technical know-how behind the products made in Europe is unrivalled in many sectors. Especially, producers and providers of pump technology from, for example, Germany, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc., can benefit from the high demand from Asia, as local companies can use the advanced pump technology from Europe to optimize their operations and reduce costs at the same time. As the worldwide climate debate reaches Asian countries, more and more new buildings are provided with sustainable heating systems that help to efficiently heat office buildings and industrial warehouses. The high standard of European pumps often ensure effective operations as well as high endurance. This is one of the main reasons for the current demand of European products in Asia.

In which Asian region is the demand for pump technology particularly high?
In Asia, the highest rate of economic growth at present can be seen in the southeasterly region. The value of products and services from this region amounts to approximately USD $12.4 trillion (EUR €11.3 trillion). Not only this, but working together with European companies is an important contributing factor to China’s growing success, as is shown by the fact that a high percentage of Chinese imports come from Europe. Although the Chinese and Indian markets are considered to be the most important economic areas in Asia right now, business relations are slowly emerging in smaller nations like the Philippines and Indonesia, therefore becoming an area of importance for European pump manufacturers and distributors. As expansionism to these emerging countries becomes increasingly higher, so too does the demand for certain products and services.

What types of pumps from Europe are particularly high in demand?
Currently, there is an increased demand for transfer and circulating pumps in Asian plant engineering and process industries. As most applications in these sectors require the transportation of large volume flows with low counter pressure, efficient centrifugal pumps from Europe are in great demand. Furthermore, there is a need for normal-priming as well as magnetic driven centrifugal pumps in numerous Asian companies in order to safely transport different chemicals with corrosive and aggressive properties. In this context, product quality is a main criterion. Sophisticated special pumps from Europe with materials that are resistant to chemicals like PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) can guarantee a long-term solution. Additionally, if these pumps have a robust construction, they can operate leakage-free.

How have new European innovations been received in Asia?
Latest technologies like magnet clutches are designed to allow operation that is extremely low-maintenance, as the transmission to the impeller works without any contact. These impellers have ceramic ball bearings that contribute to reducing the general wear to a minimum. Some productions also require the use of highly purified liquids with pump technology that has an impact on the degree of purity. This is another reason why entrepreneurs from Asia choose European products, as the use of qualitative industrial pumps prevents abrasion that could get into the conveyed medium and cause contamination. These properties are commonly found in European industrial pumps, making them ideally suitable for so-called ‘high-purity applications’. As these advanced pumps from Europe often have an integrated cooling circuit, they can also be used in the most demanding environments, like severe heat. This makes the systems particularly flexible in their areas of application. Pump technology from Europe is more sought after than ever, and investments in business relationships with Asian partners can pay off very quickly for European companies working with pump technology. Recent rapid growth in Asian regions has opened up a lucrative market with enormous future potential for lots of companies.

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