Pump system for solvents

GoatThroat Pumps has developed a pump system for use with fluorinated and chlorinated solvents which can deliver fluids from container through the vapour zone of a vapour degreaser directly to the fluid chamber with no loss of liquid. The GoatThroat VSP-6800 System features the GT300 Pump with Viton seals, the RT300 remote discharge nozzle outfitted with Tygon FEP lined 200SE flexible hose, and a hard plastic pipe which delivers the fluids directly into the chamber below the chillers. While the system can be operated by hand, a BGA Pneumatic Adapter can be added to the system to increase ease of use when shop air is present. The VSP-6800 pump system from GoatThroat is suitable for chlorinated solvents and fluorinated solvents such as Novec HFE and Azeotropes.

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