Pump for degassing

Yokota Manufacturing Co. (Japan) has launched a new type of degassing equipment for gas-dissolved liquid. The ASP series is based on a degassing pump with a new patented structure. This degassing pump has an interlocked vacuum pump. Its patented mechanism comprising an orifice and multiple types of impellers generates strong decompression and centrifugal force to continuously extract and separate the dissolved gas from the liquid. The separated gas is then drawn out by the vacuum pump. The outstanding degassing power is evident by the reduction of dissolved oxygen in water, for example, from a near 8ppm at the intake side to 0.5ppm or less at the outlet side. This equipment degasses liquid mechanically without using any chemical additive such as hydrazine. This degassing equipment is capable of performing a wide range of tasks in processing applications including: supply of de-oxidised water to prevent water pipes or boilers from rusting; de-aeration of foods and beverages; production of ultra-pure water; degassing of gas-containing chemical liquid; degassing of liquid products before packaging to prevent overflow; de-aeration of lubricants and hydraulic oil; de-aeration of cleaning liquid to improve cleaning efficiency; and others. Outstanding performance is also demonstrated in applications such as de-foaming of various foaming liquids.

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