Prestige Pumps projects

Yorkshire-based pump distributor Prestige Pumps is to deliver a pump to sit on the bed of the North Sea for coupling to a hydraulic motor. The bareshaft pump, which is required to handle seawater solutions with hydrocarbons, will sit 70 metres below sea level. Prestige Pumps have recently supplied a variety of Calpeda, Grundfos and Verder pumps to manufacturing giant Rolls Royce, with the purpose of delivering a range of chemicals and acids to temperatures of 93°C. The pumps supplied were 16 off air operated diaphragm pumps ranging in size from 1in to 2 in, one off two pump booster set and one off triple pump booster set inverter controlled. In addition, Prestige has also delivered eight Ebara pumps to a large factory in Nottingham, which were required for an application involving the circulation of liquid containing abrasive particles.

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