Plastic centrifugal pumps

The new KGK series, B80 vertical plastic centrifugal pumps are used to pump acid solutions, hydroxides, salts in varying concentrations, strong acid mixtures, galvanising solutions, chemical waste fluids, chlorinated hydrocarbons, glycol ether, emulsions, sea water and hot spring water etc. with a delivery rate of up to 80m³/h and a delivery head of up to 41m wc at a density of max. 2kg/dm³. For the “G” version, the immersed shaft guide tube and the rising tube are clad with PP-GRP (vinylester-reinforced fibreglass). This increases the strength and limits lengthwise expansion. Liquids up to a temperature of 90C can be pumped. The bearing housing is treated with an acid protection paint, is resistant to corrosion and accommodates the elastic coupling with axial and radial bearings. To contain the vapours and gases which arise inside the pump, in the standard version, at the height of the bearer plate, a vapour seal is fitted which works dry, both in static and dynamic conditions. In addition to the standard lip seals which work dry, a mixed seal is also available which has a deflector ring that works efficiently up to a pressure of about 300mbar. The laminar spread of the compressed air builds up a counter-pressure, completely blocking poisonous vapours and gases so these can neither get to the mechanical parts nor escape to the outside, thus protecting the environment.
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