PAEW to execute 10 new water desalination projects

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) has firmed up plans for the construction of 10 new water desalination projects in various parts of the Sultanate aimed at augmenting potable water availability in outlying areas of the country. The projects, which are in various stages of design and development, will be implemented over the next two years. Four of the planned ventures are green-field developments, while the rest are upgrades of existing water desalination capacity.  Of the 10 projects on the anvil, five are earmarked for development along key places in the Wusta region. Among the beneficiaries will be residents of Sayl and Ramlah where a 300cum/day capacity reverse osmosis plant is envisioned. The project involves the construction of bore wells, pre and post treatment facilities, an evaporation pond, and a tanker filling station.
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