Online service provides 3-D pump models

Amarinth has launched a new online service that gives access to detailed 3-Dimensional CAD models of its pumps. Through any web browser, the service can deliver detailed models of its pumps to any person working in any organisation. The on-line models enable both engineers and other staff to explore a pump in three dimensions. The detailed models can be rotated to see all aspects and features and zoomed into for closer inspection. The model is built as a full assembly and so selected parts can be made transparent or hidden in order to see internal components. More advanced features are also available such as measuring, sectioning and mass properties. Finally a mark-up feature allows sharing of information and comments between people and organisations. No special software, platform or licensing is needed to view and manipulate these models. When the downloaded file is opened all of the software features are available immediately to the user to start work with. The first of the Amarinth pump models to be released are the API 610 A-series OH2 and V-series VS4 pumps. Other pumps along with Amarinth Protect System seal support systems will follow in due course over the year. The on-line 3D pumps can be viewed by visiting:
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