October Cover Story: Nidec Motor Corporation

With a history of innovation spanning more than 125 years, Nidec Motor Corporation has established itself as a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and appliance motors and controls. The passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity that the company dedicates to each of its projects have been the driving forces of its successful endeavor to provide high performing and long-lasting systems. Since its origin, Nidec has pushed the boundaries of technology to develop new solutions for a wide range of applications.
Pump Engineer had the opportunity to speak with Director of Product Management, Tim Albers, Application Engineering Manager of General Industry and Integral Horsepower Pumping, Patrick Hogg, Director of Marketing for Industrial Pumping and Distribution, John Filla, Marketing Manager for Industrial Pumping, Mark Gaskill, and Marketing Communication Specialist, Maxwell Law, to discuss how the company’s Commercial Industrial Motors and Drives division (CIMD) is able to continually integrate higher efficiency and technology into its products, and its long term service in the pump industry.

To read the full Pump Engineer October 2019 cover story, please visit https://www.pumpengineer.net/pdf/201910.pdf
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