Nidec “Smart” Motors, Designed to Improve Water Efficiency

The development of “smart” pumping systems with smart motors is key to meeting the growing demand for water efficiency programs to handle not only drought conditions but also to better monitor and reduce energy usage. Nidec/U.S. MOTORS® has focused considerable resources on developing motor and control technologies to help solve these critical industry needs.

At the heart of smart pumping systems are Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs), synchronous motors, and motors integrated with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). Intelligent pump systems can minimize energy consumption and simplify installation and maintenance. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as ECM, advanced sensors, real-time data analysis, and automation, pumping systems can optimize water usage, detect anomalies, and adapt to changing conditions.

Courtesy of Nidec.

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Shopia Ketheeswararajah is a feature editor contributing to Pump Engineer, Stainless steel World Americas, Hose and Coupling World, and other related print & online media.