New SynRA Motor Brings High Efficiency, Easy Installation to Pumping Industry

As energy costs climb, the need for the highest level of energy-efficient pumping equipment has never been more critical. Nidec Motor Corp. has responded to that demand by introducing SynRA, an innovative, patent-pending synchronous motor. When paired with the ID300 Perfectspeed integrated drive, the new motor offers one of the highest efficiencies available for today’s commercial pumping and HVAC equipment – with ratings at IE 4 and IE 5.

In addition to significant energy savings, this new technology from Nidec’s U.S. MOTORS brand offers the advantage of easy motor replacement, without having to install an entirely new system and controls, saving time and money.

Courtesy of Nidec.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Fugitive Emissions Journal, Stainless steel World Americas, and other related print & online media.