New pump components launched

Greene, Tweed & Co Benelux is introducing a new material for pump components that have to operate in acidic conditions. This new thermoplastic composite, which is called WR™014, is primarily designed for rings, bushes, seals and wear plates in pumps in the chemicals and petro-chemical industries. The material consists of a modified fluoropolymer matrix, strengthened with long strand carbon fibers. These are said to ensure excellent wear resistance and good self-lubricating characteristics in many conditions. Apart from its high resistance to all sorts of chemicals and corrosion WR™014 has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. It can thus be used with much more smaller tolerances than other materials. It can prevent underpressure leaking away, so that the pump efficiency is increased. With this and its other material characteristics WR™014 is an alternative to metallic, carbon, graphite or other polymer-based pump components. Greene, Tweed Benelux holds stocks of semi-finished WR™014 products. These can be manufactured within a week to the client’s exact specifications in the company’s Quick Response Center. The material is available in diameters varying from 1 inch to 33 inch and in lengths up to 8 inch depending on diameter and wall thickness.

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