New Pump Brings Classic Aeration Solution to Timothy Taylor’s

Following an intensive 5-day survey of its wastewater treatment process, the highly renowned brewery, Timothy Taylor’s (family-owned since its founding in 1858) has upgraded its aeration process by introducing the AirJet system from Landia. The survey, which was conducted by leading wastewater treatment provider, Ogden Water, found that the pumps used for the brewery’s 45m3 balance tank were not providing enough agitation to adequately keep solids in suspension.

“Solids had begun to accumulate,” said Dr David Shepherd, Managing Director of Ogden Water. “The existing pumps were insufficient to fully mix and aerate the balance tank, so we set about finding Timothy Taylor’s with a much better, long-lasting solution.”

Designed with a venturi nozzle from the Chopper Pump that Landia invented in 1950, the AirJet aeration system was recommended by Ogden Water as the best and long-lasting solution.

Courtesy of Timothy Taylor’s and Landia.

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Shopia Ketheeswararajah is a feature editor contributing to Pump Engineer, Stainless steel World Americas, Hose and Coupling World, and other related print & online media.