New Plant Comes Online Early with Help from Celeros FT

A new salt extraction plant off the north coast of Holland has been brought online ahead of schedule, averting a major halt in production when the existing well developed issues. 

Frisia Zout BV, part of K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH, was able to overcome the time and technical challenges of accelerating the project by working in partnership with Celeros Flow Technology. Celeros FT provided high specification pumps and specialist engineering expertise throughout the installation and commissioning phase. They will continue to ensure the pumps operate satisfactorily throughout the plant’s 15-year lifespan. 

Celeros FT assessed the flow requirements for the water injection process at the new plant and verified that CUP-BB3 pumps could be made to meet requirements. The pumps were specified with Duplex stainless steel casings because they would be operating in a salt-laden environment. ClydeUnion Pumps manufactured and supplied the pump packages, as well as installing and commissioning them. In addition, they supported Frisia Zout BV in bringing an older pump back into service as a spare: assessing it and upgrading the casing to ensure it met the new duty requirements. 

The company’s ability to meet the accelerated project deadline is particularly impressive when you consider that the COVID-19 pandemic was already affecting supplies of materials and components. The Celeros FT team worked hard to ensure that this did not have any impact on their customer. 

The new well has an operational life of 15 years, though the pump building may be required to serve more than one well in future as demand for K+S high purity salt continues to grow. Easy replacement of wear parts and ongoing service support from Celeros FT will ensure that the BB3 pumps continue to meet operational parameters throughout the extraction plant’s lifetime. 

Courtesy of Celeros Flow Technology.
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