New micropump

Nikkiso has developed a new piezo-actuated diaphragm micropump in a low flow rate of 150L/min (controlled by drive frequency). The piezoelectric actuator can be battery-operated and is suited not only for downsizing of existing devices but also for new application like portable devices. This pump consists of a pump chamber with a diaphragm (pumping membrane) and two passive check valves. The diaphragm actuated by piezoelectric disc glued onto it generates a stroke volume and causes pressure for suction and discharge flow alternately. The micropump has high chemical resistance because it is made of glass and single crystal silicon. It can handle various chemicals including organic solvents and acid solutions except for some alkaline solutions. However it may not be able to pump high viscosity liquids or liquids containing particles. The micropump has the ability to pump gas as well as liquid.

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