New LT Series Pumps From TTP Ventus

TTP Ventus, manufacturer of the Disc Pump range of micropumps, has launched its latest product line:  the LT Series. This series of pumps was developed for applications across the medical, life science, environmental, and industrial sectors.
The LT Series is a new addition to the line-up, providing in excess of 5,000 hours of continuous operation across a wide temperature range from -25 to +40°C. TTP Ventus’ Disc Pump platform delivers high levels of pressure and flow, silent operation, millisecond-response time, precision controllability, and pulsation-free flow. These features enable product designers to create discreet, wearable medical devices or miniaturise measurement equipment. 
Tom Harrison, business development manager at TTP Ventus, commented: “The LT series marks a significant step forward in the lifetime capacity of our technology. The first two models in the series extend the envelope over previous designs, allowing us to support six months’ continuous operation.”
He added: “We are committed to pushing the capability of our designs and are developing models offering further improvements to performance and life. We have a series of products planned for release over the course of the next year, ultimately targeting a pump rated to 10,000 hours in 2020.”

Image credit: TTP Ventus

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