New groundwater project in California

The California Water Service Company is working on developing a regional conjunctive use project in the South Westside Basin for use during drought conditions in partnership with the cities of Daly City and San Bruno. The project includes construction of up to 16 groundwater wells and well stations with a total capacity of 7.2 mgd. The project type is to benefit the drinking water supply, make improvements to stormwater handling, and benefit groundwater. Groundwater pumping from the South Westside Basin over the past half-century has lowered water levels within the Basin, resulting in vacant storage capacity in the Basin. The purpose of the project would be to enhance the use of the Basin as an underground reservoir to store water during periods when surface water supply can be made available to offset pumping by the Partner Agencies (i.e., Daly City, San Bruno, and Cal Water), leading to an accumulation of stored groundwater in the Basin that can be used during dry years.

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