New direct mA input control

USFilter Wallace & Tiernan Products, Warrendale, Pennsylvania, USA, has announced a new direct mA arrangement of the automatic V-notch positioner used with its gas feed systems and automatic stroke length actuator for its metering pumps. The actuator/positioner accepts a 4-20mA input signal directly from a remote manual control station, SCADA, or other centralized control system. The new direct mA feature is a compact integral design mounted directly into the positioner. The dosage rate factor can be set from 10 to 400%, using function keys located on the circuit board. For applications where the dosing factor must be changed on a regular basis, an external dosing potentiometer can be used. The mA input control can be retrofit into existing V10k and V2000 gas feeders or Encore(R) 700 and Chemtube(R) 200 and 2000 metering pumps.

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