New dewatering pump

ABS has introduced the new IP 900 pump, which is capable of achieving a flow rate of 5 l/s at a maximum head of 11.7m. The pump replaces ABS’s current IP 700-1200 series. It is constructed in 316 stainless steel (SS) throughout – even the impeller – enabling it to pump corrosive media. The IP 900 can also handle solids-laden flows offering free passage of up to 30 mm in diameter thanks to its vortex impeller and hydraulic section. Typical applications for the pump include dewatering building sites, mines, emptying septic tanks or other containers, and handling effluent from locations below the backwash level in accordance with the DIN 1986 standard. The high grade AISI 316 SS construction materials, combined with static seals made from Viton and a mechanical seal made of silicon carbide, enable the pump to handle chemically contaminated wastewater and heavy agricultural duties, including pesticides, and duties on industrial outflow pipes.

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