Netzsch pumps for Orica

Orica Mining Services, a supplier of commercial explosives, initiating systems and blasting systems to the global mining, quarrying and construction industries, has specified and installed two Netzsch BY progressing cavity pumps, which are being used to pump ammonium nitrate emulsion and oil that is batch produced at its plants in Glensanda and Wigan, in the UK. The two, four-stage BY pumps, which are capable of continuously pumping 10m3/h of emulsion at pressures up to 18bar, were supplied to an Orica specification. To help reduce the risk of wear and breakdown, and achieve ATEX II certification, both pumps were supplied with a double-sealed, closed gear joint with patented Nemo SM seal and protective cap, as well as dry-run-protection on the stator. A key feature of the BY pump is its modular, block construction making it adaptable to the varied flowrates and pressures required for a wide range of applications. Its close-coupled drive eliminates the need for a bearing housing, reduces the overall pump length and makes them suitable for applications where the pumped media requires gentle handling, is mechanically aggressive or contains solids.
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