Neptune™ pump aids water project

Neptune™ Chemical Pump Co. recently participated in an effort to improve the lives of the residents who inhabit a community in Haiti. Roots of Development, a non-profit concern based in Washington D.C. whose mission is to help the impoverished communities of Haiti obtain the resources they need to manage their own development. The group’s Water Rehabilitation Project in the community of Gran Sous, was conceived as a way to provide fresh water to the people in the community who had been getting all of their water from a spring that contained high levels of various contaminants, including fecal coliform, nitrates and nitrites. Together with a local planning board, the project was designed to redirect a portion of the spring’s water to a series of newly constructed cisterns where it could be treated and made fit for human consumption, clothes washing and bathing. After 18 months of trial and error with other technologies, the solution turned out to be Neptune’s Z Series electronic diaphragm metering pump, which injects precise amounts of the sodium-hypochlorite solution into the water during the purification process. The PZ pump is suitable for the Gran Sous project as its “pulse” metering operates on any single-phase voltage from 94VAC to 264VAC. It is easy to operate and maintains a steady flow rate, which can be manually adjusted.

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